A Cheap Endorsement

Hey, kids! My buddy Jon over at TheCheapPop.com gave us some nice promotional real estate to help the cause. Just click on the link above to take a gander.


The Cheap Pop is a cornocopia of pop culture musings and mustache-related shenanigans. I encourage you to check it out… after you vote for the comic, of course!


Third Ranking: Deja Vu All Over Again

And We Make Clouds places…


I can’t say that I’m surprised. SI‘s lead seems insurmountable.

But we’re not giving up yet! So hang with us and recruit, recruit, recruit!

Newsarama gets it

Yesterday, David Pepose from Blogs@Newsarama, posted about Drew’s exploits in Twitter.


Drew will continue twittering throughout the competition, so be sure to take a look.

And if you could Buzz Up the article on Yahoo (look for the Buzz Up! button near the headline), that would be awesome!

Pencils to Pixels: Screen 5

I’ve always enjoyed the pencil work that lied behind a comics final product. The art of We Make Clouds may not rival Jim Lee, but it’s a process nonetheless.

I know when I see other peoples pencils the dots can be connected. The artist’s style, intention and process can be seen layered throughout the image. Hopefully, that can be seen here as well.
— J.


We’re #2!

Wow, we jumped a whole two places! That’s definitely exciting news, so to celebrate, here’s an early group shot of the Clouds crew:


Note the early, Simon Pegg version of Ronnie on the left.

Character Development

If you’re like me, you devour special edition DVDs like cereal. Although I’m hit and miss with the commentaries, I always make time for the behind-the-scenes documentaries after the movie.

With that in mind, I thought we’d throw some of J’s sketches up so you can see how the characters developed into their current incarnations. Some – Drew and Ted – were birthed fully formed. Others – most notably Ronnie and Jane – took a little more work.

Anyway, enjoy!


Drew and early Jane variations

More after the jump!

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First Ranking

Hey, gang! The first ranking is upon us and We Make Clouds places…


Woohoo! It’s good to be in the Top 5, but we’ve gotta do a better job of turning the vote out. Especially if we’re going to get anywhere near the Italian stallion, Safe Inside.

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