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Pencils to Pixels: Screen 2

The second screen was reworked a lot mostly to get the humor and dialogue right. Early on, the first penciled, inked, and greyed artwork for screen 2 had Drew interacting with Camilla instead of Priya. The last panel was also re-drawn several times to match alternate endings, all of which were designed to define Ted’s character and his dynamic with Drew.

It’s also funny (to me) to compare the pencils to the final product and see the cut n’ paste Vantacor on the wall, as well as the pasted Priya. The screen 2 layout (below) has several differences compared to the screen 2 shown on Zuda. Namely, Drew still has his plant. . .

We Make Clouds, screen 2


Newsarama gets it

Yesterday, David Pepose from Blogs@Newsarama, posted about Drew’s exploits in Twitter.


Drew will continue twittering throughout the competition, so be sure to take a look.

And if you could Buzz Up the article on Yahoo (look for the Buzz Up! button near the headline), that would be awesome!

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