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Getting Ronnie Right

Ronnie was the most difficult character to nail. There are so many stereotypical ways to portray the office geek and it’s extremely tempting to go down the Comic Book Guy/Milton route.
But we wanted something a little more normal. Here’s how J got to the real Ronnie…
Bearded and balding. A good look but not quite Ronnie.

Bearded and balding. A good look but not quite Ronnie.

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We’re #2!

Wow, we jumped a whole two places! That’s definitely exciting news, so to celebrate, here’s an early group shot of the Clouds crew:


Note the early, Simon Pegg version of Ronnie on the left.

Character Development

If you’re like me, you devour special edition DVDs like cereal. Although I’m hit and miss with the commentaries, I always make time for the behind-the-scenes documentaries after the movie.

With that in mind, I thought we’d throw some of J’s sketches up so you can see how the characters developed into their current incarnations. Some – Drew and Ted – were birthed fully formed. Others – most notably Ronnie and Jane – took a little more work.

Anyway, enjoy!


Drew and early Jane variations

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